La Buca's menu is a compilation of dishes from all over Italy. Head chef Antonio Spatafora hails from Sicily, while the Lollis are from Abruzzo, and this is definitely reflected in the style of the food. Both regions are well known for letting the ingredients shine.

In other words, the trick is to let the food speak for itself, and when the quality is right, it will. You could say that the mantra is: Less is more. A prime example of this is one of our signature dishes: Oven-roasted rack of lamb with rosemary. In this dish, we only add a bit of garlic, oil, rosemary, salt, and pepper.

A lot of restaurants strive to be innovative and end up trying to reinvent the wheel. This is not the culinary creed at La Buca. When certain dishes survive for generations and are cooked again and again, there is a reason for this. People enjoyed what they were eating, and eventually the dishes became regional classics. It comes down to using the raw materials available in the region, and the local wines usually possess exactly those characteristics that make for a perfect match between food and wine. Seeing as the dishes have weathered changing fads and fashions, they must have some persistent quality. If we at La Buca can serve up a little bit of that quality and pour a decent glass of wine to boot, we will have fulfilled our ambitions.