Literally translated, La Buca degli Artisti means "The Artists' Cave" and no one could have foreseen just how well that name would fit the restaurant, the patrons and the ambience.

Over the years, a procession of celebrities has passed through the unassuming premises on Godthåbsvej without ever diminishing the homey atmosphere and excellent service that are also staples of the restaurant. The walls are decorated with portraits of artists, many of whom have visited La Buca themselves. The Lolli family took over the restaurant in 1988, and it has been run as a collaboration between two generations of Lollis ever since. These days, it's the son Guido who runs La Buca, but he still gets a helping hand from his mother Ellis. Before the family started La Buca, she would often say of her own home cooking, "If you could just make this kind of food at a restaurant, then people would get it!" Her husband Ettore Lolli saw in this a great opportunity. He had enjoyed her good cooking for years and had the generosity to share it with the rest of the world.  
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During the summer months, weather permitting, you can also enjoy your meal "al fresco" in our cozy courtyard.